As experts in business software development, Neal Nelson & Associates recognizes the critical need for benchmarks that measure and report the performance of computers running business applications. We offer a Transaction Benchmark, a Server Power Efficiency test, a suite of business-oriented benchmarking tools, including our original incremental stress benchmark, known as the Business Benchmark , a Remote Terminal Emulator(RTE), a Database Benchmark, a Web Server Benchmark, and a Network Stress Test.

Neal Nelson & Associates has assembled the world's largest independent client/server testing facility at our offices in the Chicago suburbs, where we run high profile tests for commercial firms, government agencies and popular computer trade magazines.

On behalf of more than 250 clients of all sizes, we've written thousands of application programs in dozens of computer languages and designed and conducted thousands of performance tests. This extensive business experience, combined with our unparalleled testing expertise, make Neal Nelson & Associates the most sought after commercial benchmarking organization in the industry.

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